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Tonya White is an incredibly dynamic person -- homeschooling mom, businesswoman, friend and health coach. If you want someone to give you that extra encouragement, the inspiration you need to put your life in order, Tonya should be your go-to person. Smart, kind, driven to help others, I'm so blessed to call her "friend." Oh, and her go sugar-free campaign last year was so inspirational I've permanently lost 8 lbs! Every time I went for a piece of cake or a candy bar, I could envision Tonya telling me, "No, girlfriend. You do NOT need that. Get a piece of fruit already. You can do this!"

-Marjorie Nichols

The 30-day sugar free challenge hosted by Coach Tee jumpstarted my journey to health and wellness! It put me on the road to a consciousness about the choices I make daily. It also shed light on my daily activities as well! For example, as a follower of Coach Tee's, I have adopted the practice of healthier eating choices and making movement a part of my daily lifestyle by getting (something I rarely did before taking the CHCHP). I'm happy to report that now, I either walk for 30 minutes of exercise daily or practice yoga for 30 minutes daily! Thanks for all you do Coach Tee!

-Ang Anderson

Tonya has been a great help with my weight loss journey, at the beginning I didn’t know where to start she told me to first go see a PCP get my BMI,get a stress test and see where i am with that, she questioned my reasons for wanting to lose weight as well, she is very hands on and resourceful i feel very comfortable asking her questions. I started off at 205lbs now 166lbs basically watching my portions and changing my eating habits as well as walking 5 to 6 days a week, I work at night and in a grocery store so it was extremely hard at first, but i had my mind set i wanted change and wanted to live a healthier life.Im a single mother of 6 and i really needed more energy.

-Latrisha West

I began engaging in changing my routines by incorporating the tips shared in the 10-day challenge with Coach Tonya! It was convenient and helpful to watch her short Facebook live videos to help me take healthy steps to a better me without feeling overwhelmed with info. The detox water recipes (fruit infused waters) and live video were insightful and again "doable." I noticed an increase in my desire to drink more water, decrease of cravings and lasting energy for most of my day. Coach Tonya's real life, achievable, small steps has me re-thinking what really works for me. She is encouraging, sincere and full of joy!

-Shawnia Elder

At a women's conference, I won a 3 week, no charge, coaching package with Coach Tonya. I didn't expect too much, it was free after all. Coach Tonya completely embraced me and my situation. She checked in on me often to make sure I was taking care of me. She is a phenomenal woman. I really admire her ability to balance work and family even while life is hectic and still be completely committed. I would definitely recommend her coaching packages especially if you're ready to make a change in your life.

-Toni Newton