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If you are a beginner ready to start your health journey, a mom or dad, a busy entrepreneur, or the individual that has started and stopped several times during their health journey, finding it hard to be consistent. If you are ready to get started and be successful at changing your own health, this is the program for you!

8-Week Change Habit Change Health Program is an online self-paced health program that comes with a Change Habit Change Health journal. The course educates you on how to be consistent in your health journey and other health habits; like journal writing, learning to listen to your body when it tells you what it needs before your brain releases a pain signal.

Change is difficult for most of us especially when we're not ready to mentally change. This online course equips you with the tools needed to prepare yourself mentally no matter what life changes come your way. Consistency is key! This course also includes many of my experiences and I had to change my mindset in order to #ChangeHabitChangeHealth. Feel free to email us:

Click the link below to enroll.

Note: Journals are shipped upon successful enrollment

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